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Dear Madam and Sir,

On behalf of the IWC Technical Committee, I am pleased to invite you to the XIX International Wheelset Congress that will take place from June 16 to June 20, 2019 at Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice.
The International Wheelset Congress is among the most influential and vibrant worldwide conferences in the railway sector and it represents an important opportunity for railway sector stakeholders to meet and share knowledge and experiences on running gears.
The chosen theme of this edition of the congress is to look not only to wheels and axles, but to consider also all those components that interact with them during the whole wheelset life, from the design stage to in service operations.
The aim of this conference is the creation of a vivid and exciting opportunity for assemblers, integrators, users and maintainers of components like brake discs, bearings, housings, sensors, gearboxes and suspension systems to share their experience with wheel and axle experts.
You can now send your abstract following the topics of the Congress which have been defined to cover several aspects of the main theme during the conference sessions.

The IWC team and I are looking forward to welcoming you in Venice in 2019!

Marco Caposciutti
Chairman, Technical Committee of IWC
Technical Director, TRENITALIA


The conference topics are defined with the aim to cover the main theme of the Congress (integration and interaction of components mounted on a wheelset) by collecting experiences related to the main steps in the life of wheelsets.

Topics are grouped in two macro-areas related to activities typically executed before and after the start of wheelset service. Such distinction is aimed to facilitate the authors to link their abstracts to the relevant topic.

Authors should have a broad understanding of topics and they are invited to submit abstracts dealing with the widest range of wheelset components.

It shall be noted that topics are not restricted to any specific railway sector. Authors are then encouraged to submit papers describing works from all sectors, including High Speed, Heavy Haul, Long Distance, Regional and City Transport.

  • Manufacturing and Production
    • Integrated design of wheelset components
    • Materials Development
    • Manufacturing, production and assembling processes
    • Qualification and certification of components and subsystems
  • Maintenance, management and operation
    • Condition based approach to maintenance: from the design stage to service experiences
    • Inspections: equipment, techniques and methods
    • Industry 4.0, automation and digitalization
    • Solutions for improved service performance

Information & Submission Guidelines

The Technical Committee invites authors to submit their abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the Congress programme.

Preparation of your Abstract

Abstracts must be submitted through the online congress management system. No other means of submission will be accepted.
You will need to register for submission. The registration will allow you to create your personal account where all your abstracts will be at your disposal.

Download the abstract template following this link ►

Abstract shall be maximum 2 pages long including pictures or diagrams and should be limited to 2500 characters (excluding blank/space characters).

It shall be submitted as MS Word or PDF single file with a maximum size of 1,8 MByte. The submission program will automatically calculate the size of your abstract and will not allow submissions that do not fit in the file size requirement.

Abstracts must be submitted only in English language.

The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to clearly indicate the nature of the study. Abbreviations must not be used in the title. The title should not be written entirely in capital letters (e.g. NOT LIKE THIS).

Names and respective affiliations (institutions) of authors shall appear under the abstract title.

Check spelling and grammar carefully. Your abstract will be electronically submitted to reviewers just as received.

The authors have to specify the relevant Congress subtopic of the abstract.

The content of the abstract must be original and not previously published and should preferably have novelty and innovative character. If you are submitting a paper on a subject that you have presented at previous edition of IWC congresses, then the paper must focus on the new developments since then. Commercial papers (i.e. advertising a product) will not be accepted, so please emphasise the research content in your abstract.

The evaluation and scoring of the abstract (acceptance as multimedia or as oral communication, or rejection) will be made according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Relevance
    • Is the content relevant in relation to the theme and the selected topic?
  • Quality
    • Is this research technically sound and the methodology clearly applicable?
  • Innovation
    • Is this research novel?
  • Railway system focus
    • Will this research lead to higher-capacity, better performing, more cost-effective and more sustainable railway?

Other considerations for abstract evaluation will be a clear and logically structure and a good English proficiency.

The authors may specify the preferred session type for the abstract presentation:

  • Main oral sessions
  • Multimedia presentation sessions
  • No preference (Main oral or Multimedia presentation sessions)

No late submissions will be accepted.

Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or non-acceptance and in case of acceptance it will be indicated if the paper has been accepted for the main oral sessions or as multimedia presentation. Guidelines for preparing the full paper will be provided in the acceptance email.

We remind you that abstract presenters must register as a delegate to attend the congress and speak or deliver their paper.

Important dates

  • Deadline for Abstract submission: 31 August 2018 at midnight CET. – Extended September 15, 2018 at midnight CET. Now Closed.
  • Confirmation of Abstract acceptance: 30 November 2018
  • Deadline for Full Paper submission: 28 February 2019 at midnight CET


If you have any questions on abstract submission, please contact the Organising Secretariat at


or if you don’t have an account